Tray Ceiling Paint Types

Tray ceilings are so named because they look like and resemble upside down trays fitted to your ceiling. Their main idea is to add a feeling of height to your room making it appear bigger and more spacious than it actually is. Once you have placed your tray ceilings, you can play around with the different designs and colors for which you may want to paint your tray ceilings. Tray ceiling paint ideas are varied and you have a lot to choose from the different colors and designs available.

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When you decide to go for striking designs such as murals and other striking patterns, accentuate that look by making the tray ceiling paint a complementing color. For places such as the living room, you can go for very dramatic colors and patterns to attract more attention. It may come as a surprise, that though most people take utmost care when choosing their interior designs and color schemes for the house, if you give the same attention towards the tray ceilings, you can shift the focal point of the entire room to the ceiling.

For a long time, tray ceilings were painted white adding nothing extra to your house and attracting absolutely no attention. Now that there is an array of tray ceiling paint available, why not go ahead and make this part of the room an arresting feature? You can have the colors vary depending on the purpose of the room from the very loud to the ornate and subtle colors for different areas. Colors have always had the ability to determine the mood in a room. For excitement and a welcoming feel, you can go for warm colors. Complement your tray ceiling paint to the wall paint so that you can have the same colors of the walls in columns or rows of the tray ceilings.

Choose the tray ceiling paint that will complement the shape and the design of the trays. You can have alternative colors on different trays to create an interesting pattern or design. More guests are likely to have their eyes fixated on the ceiling every once in a while trying to work out the patterns even without their knowledge. You can also have tray ceiling paint in colors in a darker shade than the one on your walls, or go for contrasting color to create a playful dramatic effect. For rooms such as the bedroom, you can find tray ceiling paint in colors that complement the curtains or upholstery in the room to give a warm cosy look.

When you want to make your room much bigger, you can paint colors of lighter shades on the tray ceiling. This will instantly create a lot of space in the room. When you get the right interior designer for your house, you will realize that there is a lot you can do to your house to depict the feelings, mood and effect of your house. Experiment; don’t just think the old fashioned way of the interior decor minus the ceilings. The way you work with your tray ceiling paint can transform your house instantly.


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