Tray Ceiling Lighting Simplified

Tray ceilings are made to create an illusion of height to your house instantly making your room appear much more spacious and bigger. They are so called because they resemble inverted serving trays.

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They come in different designs and shapes that you can paint according to your preference. The colors you choose go a long way in creating the mood and ambience of your house. When you are focusing on the interior design, also give focus on the tray ceiling as well as tray ceiling lighting so that they can blend in well with the design of the entire house making the room much more beautiful and alluring.

Tray ceilings add a touch of class and sophistication to your home. One way that you can enhance their use is by incorporating innovative tray ceiling lighting into the plan. Once you have decided the shapes and designs of your tray ceilings in the living room, one of the ways you can work around the tray ceiling lighting is to have a centre piece that you can paint blue like the colour of the sky. This will reflect on the room making it look like it is naturally lit throughout the day.

There are various tray ceiling lighting techniques you can use. Some of these are:

  • Recessed Can Lights: These can be installed at desired points of the tray ceilings. They come in a variety including those that can dim automatically, or give direct light, or multi light the room.
  • Rope lighting: This is a flexible tube of small strung lights in a line that give a warm glow and uniquely enhances the tray ceilings.
  • Miniature track lighting: Track lightings are well known for highlighting artwork. Using these for your tray ceiling lighting ensures that your designs and murals are visible in detail.
  • Chandeliers: These are one of the most popular tray ceiling lighting techniques. Adding a chandelier to the centre of the room instantly gives a dramatic and elegant look to the room. There are the old-fashioned chandeliers which can give the room a traditional look and the modern ones that can give the room an excited and warm feel. Chandeliers have the ability to reflect light both on the tray ceilings and the walls and are therefore regarded an important interior design tool.
  • Pendant lighting: A very interesting type of tray ceiling lighting, you can get hanging lights from the ceilings in different shapes to give off an exciting look.

Tray ceiling lighting adds that extra look to your tray ceilings. They enhance the entire design of the house and the best thing is that you can experiment with them. You can get dim light, glowing lights or very sharp lights depending on what you like. You can have a variety of these tray ceiling lighting ideas installed and use them depending on the different occasion highlighting different aspects of the tray ceilings in a different way every time. When you go for the right tray ceilings and learn how to play well around with them, you can be surprised what these often overlooked pieces of interior decor can do for your house.


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