Tray Ceiling Designs Options

Tray ceiling designs determine the mood that your house brings to your guests every time they walk in the door. Their ability to change and mould the specific rooms into their purpose is a well known factor.

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Imagine walking into hall without the tray ceilings, you would instantly feel as though the space is not sufficient, and the place would instantly look crowded. That is how the scenario can be changed only if tray ceilings are used.

Tray ceilings are designed in different shapes and colours depending on the decor one is intending to have in their house. They can be built to blend with the walls and the floor of the house depending on the materials and the shape of your house. They also blend very well with the colour schemes of the house creating an exciting interior since the design of the roof is never always a part of the interior design. They add a lot of interest and luxury to a room, bringing in a lot of sophistication to an otherwise plain room.

Rooms that look absolutely stunning with tray ceiling designs include the interiors of the dining room, the living room and the corridors. These areas can go for very elaborate tray ceiling designs with a bit of dramatic colours and shapes to create a very interesting and arresting effect. They can stand out when someone walks into the room without one necessarily being aware that the effect comes from the particular tray ceiling designs. You can go for more subtle ceiling designs when choosing the interiors of your other rooms. The good thing about tray ceiling designs is that they are made independent of the roofing of the house giving one the liberty to change the designs whenever they want to change the purpose of the particular room, for example, if you decide to convert the living room into your study room, you can easily change the tray ceiling designs to something more subtle to fit the use of the study area.

While putting up your tray ceilings, you may want to have some uniformity in the size and dimensions of the tray. So you can have them all measured out uniformly and vary their appearance by using the same colors but have them painted in such a way that they appear different through their tones and hues and how they blend. For the areas that are used to entertain your guests, you can have tray ceiling designs with louder colours and a more pronounced effect. These types of designs are more likely to draw in the attention of your guests towards the ceilings instantly making the room appear bigger. Thus they not only add to beauty but also effect the size of the area in which they are painted.

When looking for tray ceiling designs ensure that they form a vital part of the interior design and will make an impression. More houses nowadays have tray ceiling designs customized to the owners’ preference on the general appearance of the house.


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