Painting A Tray Ceiling Diy

Tray ceilings are generally made to add a spacious illusion of height to a room. It makes a room look sophisticated and bigger.

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Designs vary in shape and size and the color that is painted adds the extra interest and attraction towards the ceiling. Tray ceiling vary depending on the preference of the owner and are always designed and painted to blend with the interior design of the house. The different shapes, sizes and color add a variation to the decor and add some excitement to the room.

When painting a tray ceiling, it will be a good idea to choose dramatic colors for the living room and dining area where your guests will visit. Have them alternate their designs on different trays by including the colors of the walls and the color scheme of the house. The tray ceilings are bound to draw attention and attract an eye towards the ceiling making the room appear bigger than it really is.

Depending on the room you are having the tray ceilings painted in, you can choose to have an elaborate theme that can have the feeling of playfulness with color and can go from very loud to bold dark colors. Painting a tray ceiling will definitely bring out the excitement in your home and the mood that is bound to change from playful and dramatic to very subtle and even sombre. The colors you choose therefore do matter a lot.

Painting a tray ceiling is not just a color affair. For lovers of paintings this will be your chance to get your favourite images right under your head, literally. With the help of a good artiste, you can have them paint your tray ceilings the paintings you have always admired and can now keep for a long time. With constant discovery of new paintings, you also have the chance to change your tray ceiling paintings to your latest admirations every once in a while. For people who have never really explored the world of art, this will be a good way to discover and learn something new and you may find that with time, you will get a deep appreciation for paintings.

Painting a tray ceiling with appropriate images for the room to complement its purpose is another great idea. For the dining room, there can be paintings depicting unity and sharing, while for the living room you can have paintings depicting joy and togetherness. For decades, the Christians have used tray paintings in their places of worship to depict love, peace and nurturing. Painting a tray ceiling with the perfect colors can be a great way to communicate your mood and feelings

When shopping around for a design for your interior decor, be sure to get a designer that will bring out your home in such a way that you have always desired for. When painting a tray ceiling, go for quality services from a professional to get some of the best deals. Different interior designers have different designs and paintings, so look for the paintings that come in the design and color of your choice.


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