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A tray ceiling is an inverted ceiling that is used to give an illusion of space in a room. Rooms that are reputed to have a tray ceiling include dining rooms and living rooms although bedrooms can also make use of it.

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It is a decorative feature in any room and most of the time paint is used to enhance its different levels by giving contrast to the ceiling. To make it more dramatic and interesting, a tray ceiling can have several levels of inversion, each with a different shade of paint. When this type of ceiling is combined with lighting fixtures that are interesting, you will have an interesting effect to the room. It can take a lot of effort to create a tray ceiling in a house that did not originally have one, so when you want this kind of overhaul you will need professional help. However, if you already have a tray ceiling that you feel could use some extra look, read on.

Low ceiling rooms can make use of a tray ceiling anytime, since they have been used over time to give an impression of spaciousness in a room. Rooms that have high ceilings can have the inverted tray ceiling which has the effect of lowering the ceiling and warming it. Most of the time, a chandelier and large tray ceiling lighting fixtures are used on inverted tray ceilings. Tray ceilings have gained a lot of interest over the time they have been in the world of architecture.

There is a lot you can do to a tray ceiling to give it a better and more sophisticated look. Painting it with different shades of the same color is just one of the things you can do. Keep in mind the wall colors in the room and remember to maintain the same color scheme. Incase you feel it is time for an overhaul; you can paint a contrasting color but make sure you have changed the color of the walls as well. There are some colors that contrast very well too and if you want this effect in your tray ceiling, you can always make use of it.

Some crown molding for these ceilings will do you a lot of good as it creates an ambience that is more than wonderful for any room. It makes the room look attractive. Most people will not be able to do some crown molding on their own, so you can hire some help for yourself. Do not forget some lighting fixtures as they will also make your tray ceiling one of a kind, whether they are plain or inverted. You can decorate the inside of the tray by using wall paper or stained slats. If you are not handy enough, you will need professional help to make sure they are well inserted. For those who want a more dramatic feel to a home, a painting will create the dramatic effect. Choose wallpapers that match the color scheme of the room or its furniture.


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